Cocoreños On Broadway Has Fantastic Tacos

Jonathan Pekar, Food Dude

When the world starts getting you down may I recommend a simple remedy that is sometimes far too overlooked, go eat some tacos. Yes, tacos.

Tacos have some power of happiness that we humans don’t give enough attention. Especially here in Long beach where we have an abundance of great taco joints. Food that does not require eating utensils, like tacos, allows one to embrace the meal in your hands, another seemingly unnoticed entertaining addition to this mandatory eating process. A well-made, great tasting taco can do wonders for the soul.

Hard to believe this beloved treat before the 1950s didn’t really exist in the United States. Yet today Americans eat more than 4.5 billion tacos each year. Damn! Talk about making up for lost time! The earliest known mention of the word ‘taco’ as a food dates only to the late 19th Century; previously, the word stood for everything from a pool que to a hammer to getting drunk, which is hilarious to use in a modern sentence.

“I am afraid I cannot come to work this morning because I got too tacoed last night, I am talking seriously tacoed, please forgive my absence but I am simply too taco-faced to come to work today, all apologies etc., etc., etc.”

I have no time for mediocre tacos, nor should you. That is why I recommend Cocoreńos on 3400 E. Broadway off Redondo. Their entire menu is superb. Their fish tacos are perfect. Cocoreńo’s salsa is a fantastic blend of tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro that compliments all their dishes. Their salsa walks that fine line of spiciness that enhances the meal without setting your mouth on fire but leaves you quite aware of the hot peppers that are finely minced in this flavorful recipe.

Cocoreńos is connected to Long Beach historical party landmark, the infamous Reno Room, which is a great place to feel the Long Beach vibe at its best. This crowd is fun and knows how to have a good time. The jukebox is always playing rad music and the drinks are served by a fantastic team of professionals who keep the good times rolling from 6 a.m. till 2 a.m. seven days a week. They have all kinds of drink specials and they make great margaritas PLUS you can order Cocoreńos from your table! Parking can be a little tricky in these parts due to all the cool little shops that surround Cocoreńos however they have parking in the back and street parking is available yet always be mindful of street sweeping days. Getting a parking ticket is really tacoed up.

In closing, I highly recommend Cocoreńos. They make the food right before your eyes and it is never a disappointment. I have been there dozens of times and they are consistently wonderful. Long Beach, we should be grateful of our plethora of great taco establishments, most cities have to settle for Taco Bell. Viva Cocoreńos! Viva Long Beach!

Go eat for yourself.


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