Columbus Day

Penny Hayes

How about renaming it “Discovery Day” and leave it at that?





How about we just the land all back to the Indians, board the ships Christopher Columbus sailed over here aboard in the first place and forget this notion of liberty and justice for all and return tyranny escaped from in the first place across the Atlantic Ocean? That we forget about freedom and that whole independence idea and be just as miserable as those are want to do away with Columbus Day and similar holidays like it in the first place. America has gotten soft and yellow bellied that it allows so called immigrants that are referred to illegal aliens to roost here and then call all the shots including the law of the land. It is high time America wake up and stop this foolishness that the liberal controlled media crams into our minds through the television and other sources. Has everyone just forgotten the history lessons we were once taught in school about who Christopher Columbus was in the first place? Lets show a little pride and dignity for our red, white and blue and ignore these requests of illegal aliens who are trying steal our country from us.

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