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Steve Propes

Wednesday, August 9

Fourth St. and Alamitos Ave. At 11 p.m., a motorist rear-ended a motorcyclist, fleeing the scene before crashing into and causing major damage to the building of an Ace Hardware store at East 4th Street near Olive Avenue. Arriving officers found the adult male motorcyclist at the scene with minor injuries. The female driver sustained minor injuries, as did her male passenger, turned up a short distance away and was arrested.

Saturday, August 12

Broadway and Obispo Ave. At 4:30 a.m. a window smash and burglary occurred and police were called and a report was taken..

Seventh St. and Orange Ave. At 11:30 p.m., police officers found 23-year-old Jonathan Sandoval-Aleman of Long Beach with gunshot wounds to his upper torso. Long Beach Fire Department paramedics determined the victim to be deceased.

Monday, August 14

Long Beach Blvd and Bort St. At 1:17 a.m., officers responded to reports of a traffic collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian, which resulted in the death of Odie Ervin, 51 of the L.A. area. Ervin, who died at the scene, was lying on the corner of Long Beach Blvd and Bort Street. an abandoned 2000 Ford Expedition found nearby at the Long Beach Blvd service road and Adams Street. The Expedition had been involved in an accident with a bicyclist at Long Beach Boulevard and the westbound 91 off ramp.

Ervin apparently tried to prevent the driver from fleeing the scene by jumping on the driver’s side running board and reaching into the driver’s side window to grab the keys when the driver took off southbound on Long Beach Blvd and onto Bort Street, where Ervin fell and struck his head on the curb. The driver then parked his vehicle in the middle of the service road, fleeing the scene.

10th Street and Orange Ave. Detectives arrested Drake Loza an 18-year-old resident of Long Beach and documented gang member, for the August 12 murder of Jonathan Sandoval-Aleman. Loza is being held on two million dollar bail.

Tuesday, August 15

Cherry Ave. and 65th St. At 12:09 a.m., police arrived at the scene of a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian, who died after being administered CPR by citizens on the scene. Police said the pedestrian was crossing Cherry Avenue outside of a crosswalk when he was struck by a green 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier, the 39-year-old driver of which remained on the scene. The driver, a resident of Lakewood, was not under the influence and is not facing charges related to the fatality. However, he did not have a valid driver’s license or insurance and charges for these violations are pending.

2600 block of 56th St. At 1:50 p.m., a man was spotted lying near a gray car with bullet holes in at least one of the car’s windows, the driver-side door open and still in reverse.

Residents of nearby apartments said they heard three to four shots before sirens quickly descended on the area. The man was pronounced dead.

Wednesday, August 16

3030 Cherry Ave. A 1:50 p.m. fire broke out at a homeless encampment adjacent to the 405 Freeway and a seafood buffet restaurant, shutting down traffic on northbound Cherry Avenue and a northern freeway ramp. No buffet fish was smoked in this incident.

4400 Charlemagne Ave. At 6 p.m., a man chased a man and a woman, claiming they had stolen from him.

Thursday, August 17

1900 block of Myrtle Ave. At 2:30 p.m., 24-year-old Torrance resident Joseph Patton Jr. was found in a car, shot multiple times in the upper body. Patton was likely shot in the 900 block of Dayman Street, then drove a few blocks to the where he crashed into a parked car. Paramedics took Patton to a hospital where he died. SWAT surrounded a Dayman Street house, shot tear gas into the residence. A female adult exited, was detained, then released. Police believe the shooting may be gang related.

Friday, August 18

Pacific Coast Hwy south of Second St. At 6 p.m., police set up a checkpoints at the quickest way out of Long Beach into Seal Beach to seek out impaired or unlicensed drivers. There were two DUI-alcohol arrests, one for an outstanding warrant, four citations for unlicensed driving and eleven more for stupid traffic stuff.

Saturday, August 19

2900 Bellflower Blvd. At 9:15 p.m., a few hundred cars showed up in the often near empty K-Mart parking lot and began marking off spaces, as if someone asked. Northbound 405 continued to disgorge additional motor vehicles for the rump rally, a similar rally simultaneously being held at the Signal Hill Depot.

Bellflower Blvd and Conant St. At 10 p.m., locals heard these same cars northbound toward Bellflower, whose about-to-be-shuttered K-Mart parking lot was the scene of a Mustang convertible famously crashing into a crowd while failing to do a proper donut, everybody gonzo when the cops arrived.


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