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Steve Propes

Monday, February 25.

Fourth Street just east of Cherry Avenue. When calls came in about gunshots along the Retro Row business district, at 11:15 p.m., police found no gun, no shooter, no victim, no evidence of damage or crime, other than littering several shell casings, which they kept for future investigation. Oh, yeah, and the shooting part could well be a crime.

Tuesday, February 26

Long Beach Boulevard south of Pacific Coast Highway. At 7:15 a.m., as a woman was walking southbound in an alley, a man approached her woman from behind. According to police, “the suspect struck the victim on the back of her head with an unknown object and proceeded to ‘body slam’ her onto the ground. The suspect reached underneath her clothing and groped her breast. The suspect’s attack was interrupted when the victim began to yell for help and a bystander came to her aid. The bystander told the victim to run as he chased after the suspect. The victim sought medical attention on her own for a complaint of pain to her head.” The suspect attacker is a male Hispanic, in his 20’s, thin build, wearing a burgundy baseball cap with a  “wedding diamond” stitched on the front. He was wearing a gray jacket with black on the sides of the jacket, dark colored pants, and black shoes.

Thursday, February 28

Lewis Avenue and 11th Street. An adult female and a 17-year-old boy were shot in a garage. Both were transported to a hospital, where the boy died. Police stated, while the victims were in a garage facing an alley, an unknown number of suspects drove through the alley and fired multiple rounds at them. Police said the motive is “unknown at this time.” The deceased 17-year-old Long Beach resident was found by police in the alley, while the woman, a 34-year-old Long Beach resident, was found inside a residence with a gunshot wound to her leg.

Friday, March 1

Lakewood Boulevard near 45th Street. Some sort of robbery action that had to be curtailed by the cops. At a nearby Pepperwood Avenue location in Lakewood Village, some cash money turned up, probably related to this 3 p.m. activity.

Sunday, March 3

Second Street and Marina Drive. A man driving a speeding 2004 Toyota Camry hit a traffic light while fleeing the scene of a non-injury hit-and-run crash at Second Street and Granada Avenue at 1:20 a.m. The driver and only occupant of the Toyota, Jose Antunez, 25, of an unknown hometown died at a hospital. Police said witnesses pulled Antunez from the wreckage of the car after it caught fire.

7100 block of El Paseo Street. In the early morning, low-budget film actor 59-year-old Stephen Beal, whose ex-girlfriend, Ildiko Krajnyak, 48, was killed in a package bomb explosion at her salon in Aliso Viejo in May 2018, was arrested by the FBI. The indictment charged Beal with malicious destruction of a building that resulted in the death of Krajnyak and seriously injuring two others. Shortly after the explosion, Beal was arrested by the FBI for possessing an unregistered explosive devices and several guns. At that time, Beal, told agents he had constructed a small explosive “to assist with his neighbor’s gopher problem.” Those 2018 charges were not pursued and Beal was released.

Tuesday, March 5

Long Beach Boulevard just north of the 710 Freeway. Police were called at 7:30 a.m. to a vehicle on a gas station parking lot, the sleeping occupant of which appeared to have a gun with him. Responding police then shut down streets in the area and evacuated the gas station while they tried to get the occupant’s attention, including, but not limited to announcements over a loudspeaker. When the driver did not respond, officers concluded he was either asleep or otherwise unconscious. An hour and a half later, the driver, 50-year-old Carlos Herd, emerged from the car and was taken into custody for suspicion of vehicle theft, possession of a stolen vehicle and an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The gun was a replica.

1500 block of Ocean Boulevard. When a vehicle crashed into two parked cars near Falcon Avenue at 7:20 p.m., the driver drove away. In about 10 minutes, he was located by police at the 200 block of Alamitos Avenue and taken into custody on suspicion of DUI and hit-and-run. Turned out the suspect was an Los Angeles Police Department Southeast Division Sergeant Oscar Ontiveros, 46, who was in his own car and off-duty. Ontiveros was released into the custody of the LAPD, which had no immediate comment on the arrest. No one was injured in the accident.

Thursday, March 7

Lime Avenue near 59th Street. At 9:20 p.m., two men in a house began arguing and one stabbed the other with a knife. The victim was taken for treatment of non life-threatening wounds while the cops arrested 40-year-old Robert Vergara, a Long Beach resident, for the stabbing, holding him in lieu of $40,000 bail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.


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