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[Editor’s Note: The following comments were made following Stephen Downing’s appearance before the Citizens Police Complaint Commission on May 11 with the complete testimony appearing online at]

I wish I was remaining in California; I would join Downing’s organization to help fight the internal corruption of the “good ol’ boys” that put honest hard-working police officers through hell. Thanks to corrupt political police chiefs this continues all over the state. I praise those mentioned in this article who stood up against the corrupt forces and left with a piece of the city in their pockets. From personal experience I know you can fight city hall. Learn a lesson from San Bernardino, if you allow this to continue the city will go bankrupt and all of your pensions will suffer. Wake up people and get out of the police union.

Lawrence Neigel

The city council should focus on this report not how to spend $120+M on a swimming pool. If these situations are proven to be accurate then changes need to be brought to LBPD. Don’t wait for it to implode.

Rae Gabelich

Other than the Tim O’Hara legitimate lawsuit, the public should be aware of the “history” of some of the officers who are suing the city. One officer was part of the “north town rangers” and is a racist; one has sued the City of Long Beach at least three times; the list goes on and on. Current issues should also be investigated on officers past behavior. Maybe the assistant city attorney should be replaced in some cases, but the officers in question (other than Tim O’Hara – an honorable guy) definitely have questionable past behavior as officers. Their credibility and honor are questionable.

Cyndi Orel

CPCC: For anyone who follows what they are supposed to do can correctly say this is a toothless lap dog for the police department it is designed to keep honest. Long Beach PD is long overdue for a federal monitor and a house cleaning. Downing makes a powerful statement but nobody at CPCC will ever give a damn.

Thomas Beck


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