Cop's Criminal Threats

Shocking, LBPD covering for one of their own. [Downing,  Page 1 and online] LBPD is nothing but a bunch of thugs with badges and guns. They hate the fact that we all have phones that can now record their abuse under the guise of law enforcement as well as online media like the Beachcomber that continue to reveal their institutional corruption.

Sean Stephens

This would be incredible if I was an outsider looking in, unless I’d read the California Police Scorecard ( that ranks the 100 largest police departments in California. No surprisingly, Long Beach ranks #96 out of 100. We’re near the bottom of the barrel.

In terms of police accountability:

Of 392 total civilian complaints, 0% were ruled in favor of civilians.

Of 17 complaints of police discrimination, 0% ruled in favor of civilians.

Of 70 use of force complaints 0% ruled in favor of civilians.

So, I’m not holding my breath that Zavala or any other officer will ever be charged with even a minor offence.

Carlos S. Ovalle

Wow, I bet if the same post was made about the crappy LB mayor and corrupt LBPD Chief Luna, the PD would have at the minimum served a search warrant to look for weapons or other stuff. LBPD just don’t like Downing because he exposes all the PD dirty actions. What more does the PD and DA need? Sounds exactly like a threat to me. I agree with you Carlos, LBPD is the dirtiest department in California and we taxpayers have to pay out because of it.

LB Citizen First (online comment)

Thank you, Steve Downing, for continuing to post articles and information about what is the status quo in Long Beach. Sad. I have little to no faith in the integrity of our elected officials or their ability to lead. And, of course, ditto regarding many of our appointed city employees. We need a clean sweep. I don’t have much faith in the voters either. They continue voting to raise taxes on pet projects of our officials, don’t bother to vote or are completely clueless and naive. In light of how this investigation was handled, it’s not a surprise that so many residents do not feel safe or feel secure that anyone in the city really gives a damn except for a handful.

Melissa Welles Murphy


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