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Regarding the Stephen Downing Column on July 20 – About 16 months ago I called 911 while watching a man with a drill trying to break into the lock of the upstairs apartment in back of me. Dispatch refused to send a car because I was not the owner. So much for “see something, say something.”

Leslie Patterson


We all know that homelessness and violent vagrants increased greatly after 47 and 109 were fully implemented. The police are mostly not at fault since “catch and release” is all they can do for the majority of crimes.

Also, politicians name propositions with nice names like “The safe neighborhood and schools act” and the result is anything but safe neighborhoods. Simple solution: You need to demand that a report is filed and do not vote for nice sounding propositions without actually reading the proposition or you are the problem. Sixty percent of voters voted for this disaster of a proposition.

Kurt Schneiter


Two weeks ago a nice 4-door car was parked at the corner of Colorado and Winslow Ave. with its engine running and the driver draped over the steering wheel. The car was more than 30 inches from the curb that was painted red so it was in my opinion a traffic hazard. Police were called after four different neighbors knocked on the window to see if he was ok. Fire department truck shows up and they don’t get out to check on him. They just yell from their truck cab “Are you OK?” Guy said yes. Fire truck leaves.

Driver now reclines his seat and is passed out with the engine still running still sticking out into traffic. Police called again, told us fire said he was okay. I said yes but he’s still a traffic hazard. “Okay we’ll send a squad car.” We were still knocking on the windows when the squad car drives by and the officer just waves at us and smiles and continues down Colorado without stopping. That car sat there for 3 1/2 hours with the engine running almost in the middle of the street. Police called twice. No one really checked to see if the driver was drunk or sick and nothing was done to remedy the hazard. Finally the guy sat up and drove off.

I keep thinking, “See something, say something?” Yeah, right.

Norm Halbert


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