Dear overtaxed and underserved citizens of Long Beach and Signal Hill,

Diana Lejins

The Long Beach Water Department Commissioners will be meeting on August 30th to raise your utility rates yet again. And, sadly, the confused citizens of Long Beach voted to allow this tax when the mayor and council essentially blackmailed them with loss of basic services..... as they usually do when they're asking for more $$$$.

You must send letters of protest regarding this blatant extortion of money.  Otherwise, you may as well just sign over your whole paycheck to the city. They will gladly take it.

Long Beach City Hall's mantra:
Tax, tax, tax; spend, spend, spend.!

City Hall's new motto:
Working together to Serve Ourselves at the Public's Expense.

Only YOU can make a difference with your protests, telephone calls and letters. DO IT NOW..!


Diana Lejins
Taxpayer Rights Advocate
POB 15027, LB, CA. 90815


562 421 8012


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