Defunding Police

What an “E” ticket ride our world has embarked upon first with a pandemic about to turn world disaster, and then the law enforcement getting caught murdering black people. Most recently I heard that Councilman Richardson (9th District) wants to look into defunding our police department and reducing their resources. While I agree that everyone should be treated equally despite race, color, creed and the other variables, I believe cutting funding to our Police Department might work to everyone’s detriment.

Imagine, you have a prowler and call 9-1-1 only to be told, “Sorry but every available unit is tied up on other calls. We will try to get there as soon as possible. Maybe an hour from now.”

Several years ago, we had issues with our Police Department in North Long Beach which is in Richardson’s district. At that time, the City Council opted to contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff. For the next three months the sheriffs responding from the Lakewood Station handled calls in the eighth and ninth districts. I recall the citizens in this area were very pleased with the sheriff fighting crime instead of LBPD. Instead of defunding the LBPD, how about trying the sheriffs again in North Long Beach?

Ward Johnson


Has everyone lost their mind? Get rid of law enforcement? Really? Get rid of law enforcement in schools? Really? Who thinks this is a good idea and what kind of ignorance and stupidity have driven them to these conclusions?

Are there any actual citizens who work for a living or who have worked for a living and pay taxes who want these ideas made into reality? What government agency is giving these ideas any actual consideration? Find them. Recall them!

Get sanity back into our government and stop this before we lose the one Democratic Republic that stands for sanity in the world to a bunch of losers who care nothing about freedom, liberty and equality. Yes, this is how I and millions of other Americans, really feel.

Vance Frederick


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