DMV Long Lines

Leo Mitchell

A few weeks ago I went to the Long Beach DMV to renew my driving license. When I noticed the line was about 150 feet long I left and went to another DMV. There was a long line there too. I left and made an appointment but it took over a month to get in.

California needs more DMV offices and employees. Instead of spending the estimated cost of $98 billion (the cost keeps going up) for Jerry Brown’s train to nowhere, the money would be better served by building more DMV offices.

Also, there are nearly 20,000 retired California government workers receiving at least $100,000-a-year pensions. That adds up to over $2 billion a year. (Compare, less than 3,000 New York state government retirees receive pensions over $100,000) The voters need to wake up!

If the Democrat politicians can find the resources to pay for the train and outrages pensions, why can’t they find the”resources” to build more DMV offices that would cost a lot less and better serve the millions of California’s citizens instead of just a few?



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