Do as I Say

As leaders tell us to buy $80K electric cars to save the planet why are they doing nothing for this “dire problem.” They can’t figure out how to synchronize traffic signals, so we won’t miss every light possible – as we watch no cars going the other way most of the time we sit there.

Do they not understand brakes don’t give off oxygen when applied at every light? Ever wonder if roads with potholes (like on Willow all the way from Studebaker to Los Coyotes that flooded at the first sign of rain) are better when saving our vehicles, gas, brakes, etc.?

Ever wonder why Elon Musk is fabulously rich after getting taxpayer funding for his electric cars that he sells at enormous cost to taxpayers?

Ever wonder why John Kerry, whose wife and family own major holdings in China, want us to go solar and turbine so we can buy panels and turbines from China? Or why he attends conferences in other countries by private plane instead of Zooming or picking up a phone?

Vance Frederick


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