Drain the Swamp

Vance Frederick


Does it seem just a tiny bit partisan to scream impeachment for Donald Trump when allegations are only that and nearly a year ago James Clapper, head of this stuff under the Obama Administration, said there was nothing there to see?

I remember nothing coming from the media or liberals when Obama was caught on video with an open mike telling Russian President Medvedev to “Tell Putin once I get elected I’ll have more flexibility.” I don’t remember those same folks writing anything but praises for then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holding a huge reset button for diplomacy with Russia that Obama was working hard for. Where was the outrage toward Russia then? Where was Maxine Watters hiding? Where were the oddly liberal Republicans then?

The swamp must be drained and it isn’t going to happen as long as those looking out for their own interests in Congress and the liberal media can keep getting voters looking over there at something that doesn’t exist so they can keep their cushy jobs and do nothing attitude while America pays for everything they think is important. This garbage could go on for years and keep Trump from his promises. That’s not an agenda – it is treason – and those feeding the leaks are felons. So why is any of this taken seriously? Oh yes, surprise, the swamp is still there.



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