Embarrassing Facility

Mark Alonzo

On Sept. 9 I attended the LBPD community police academy. The class and the training staff were absolutely great. The one concern I did have was that the current police academy is completely outdated. Our training officers deserve much better. We are asking our training staff to train new recruits in a facility that is an embarrassment for the LBPD and its academy training staff.

I call on the city to stop taking our police department and the academy training staff for granted. I also call on the city to begin implementing plans to build and provide a modern state-of-the-art police training academy. The city found it important to build a new courthouse as well as recently implemented plans to build a new city hall. I ask, isn’t it just as important for our LBPD academy training staff to work and train in a new training facility?

A new LBPD police academy will eventually have to be built. I ask, why not now? The LBPD has and provides top notch training to its police personnel and its police recruits. There is no reason why they shouldn’t have the best training academy.




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