Enough is Enough

Vance Frederick

On Los Coyotes Diagonal Monday morning at rush hour it took more than one light to get through intersections when I saw a person on a phone in the No. 1 lane of three lanes. I yelled at her closed windows to her to get off her phone. Of course she didn’t.

I then had another driver tell me to calm down to which I replied more people are hurt and killed from distracted phone drivers than from drunk drivers. The other driver repeated I needed to calm down and flipped me off.

Is this what’s happened to our values? Is this the kind of garbage that people are now using as a barometer for ethics and stability? Isn’t it sad enough that people acquiesce to ignorance and illogic on a moment by moment basis and now we should all just watch instead of trying to change situations that not only don’t exhibit caring about or for others lives but which are proven deadly so long as they can talk on their phone or act as if they are the only ones on the planet that matter?

Is this what our once great nation of caring people has devolved into? It seems way past time to wake up and smell the dung on our soles or souls and clean it off and get back to decency and respect for each other and our once grand core values.


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