Fake News

Leo Mitchell

Fake news isn’t just made up news. News taken out of context is also fake news because it twists the truth by not telling the whole the story. It leans toward the bias of the media. The media likes to sensationalize their stories to attract readers and viewers. An example is the furloughed government employees and working employees. The news media reports over and over that they are working without pay. It may be an inconvenience but the truth is they both will get back pay after the government shutdown ends. The furloughed are getting paid for their time off. (Paid vacation!)

Example: If a person worked all week and got paid on Friday you could say he worked those other days without pay because he didn’t get paid every day. Some employees in different industries get paid every two weeks.

Another example: A TV reporter interviewed a furloughed government employee in her home showing that her refrigerator had very little food in it, leading gullible people to believe that the government employees were going without eating. This type of fake news is laughable.

Be especially wary of news you read on the internet and social media. They’re a garbage pit of fake news.

Fake news has caused a division in society not only in this country but in countries throughout the world for decades. It’s time to clean up this type of propaganda.


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