Foundation Presents $15,000 Scholarship to CSULB Student

At a special meeting of the Rotary Club of Long Beach, Rotary Scholarship Foundation Chair Jane Netherton announced that the recipient of the $15,000 Rotary Centennial Scholarship is CSULB student Yasmeen A. Azam. The luncheon meeting was hosted by Rotarian and CSULB President Jane Close Conoley at her home.

The one-time scholarship is the largest to be awarded by the Long Beach Rotary Scholarship Foundation in its 60-plus year history and is intended to commemorate the Centennial of the Rotary Club, the city’s oldest service club. The current president is Jayne Lastusky to be followed in July 2017 by Steve Keesal.

Yasmeen A. Azam was selected for this competitive award by the Foundation’s Board of Directors for her outstanding leadership qualities and her effective communication of her plans to positively impact society after graduation.

“The Long Beach Rotary Scholarship Foundation is excited to present an award of this size to such a deserving student leader to commemorate our centennial,” said Foundation Chair Jane Netherton.

Ms. Azam has been a Youth Speaker at the United Nations and is currently the president of the CSULB Muslim Association. She was selected by President Conoley as Student Leader of the Year. Among Ms. Azam’s campus leadership achievements is her organization of a “Muslims Against Hate” demonstration.

Additionally, she works with youth refugees at a social service organization and gives workshops about civic engagement at local mosques and community centers.

“Yasmeen’s commitment to global peace is in alignment with the goals of Rotary International, making her an excellent choice for this scholarship,” said Craig Cross, Long Beach Rotary Scholarship Foundation Vice Chair and head of the Scholarship Selection Committee.

Past Long Beach Rotary Scholarship Chair Craig Dougherty said, “This Centennial Award honors not only this accomplished and deserving student, but also the tireless work and generosity of Long Beach Rotarians who, for nearly 100 years, have strongly supported educational opportunities for students in our community.”

The Rotary Club of Long Beach is the oldest service club in Long Beach the largest Rotary Club in District 532, and among the top 50 in the world. Chartered in 1917, the Rotary Club of Long Beach is comprised of approximately 300 Long Beach business and community leaders whose motto is “Service Above Self.”

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