Get Over It

Vance Frederick
We had eight years of less than two percent economic growth, doubling of food stamp usage, middle class wages falling, illegal aliens taking jobs, dropping wages because of illegals and billions more spent on social programs because of them, crimes such as Kate Steinle and so much more and Dems are upset with Trump because he’s more than doubled economic growth, cut the need for so much welfare, is lowering taxes to give middle class a chance and working on taxes to create more jobs and better wages and economic growth and that’s just in the economy.

If Democrats are so upset with capitalism and a democratic republic maybe they should move to Cuba, Venezuela, China, Iran or Russia which Obama believed was our ally when Romney called it our worst problem. Obama chuckled and said Romney was “stuck in the 80s.” Obama was wrong on just about everything he touched. He gave Iran hundreds of billions of dollars to stop making nuclear bomb material and we all know how that worked for Bill Clinton with North Korea. How’s that ACA or Obamacare working out for everyone and especially the middle class.

Trump’s doing very well, thank you very much. I’m happy that Trump, a non politician and person of the private sector, is running things. That swamp’s not close to being drained but it’s getting more transparent with disclosure of tens of millions of dollars in slush funds for political sexual harassment being brought out, HRC’s FBI contacts proving how she got away with the Russian dossier, Uranium One, destroying evidence of her misuse of top secret information and so much more.

If the Democrats would stop hindering Trump’s agenda this country could have a chance at an even quicker recovery. Who’s the party of “no” now? It’s time Democrats are being called out for what they are and that isn’t to “make America great again.” Democrats want back in power again so they can make this the country they want with their bizarre anti-America agenda.

It’s been a year folks. Get over it. You lost and it’s time to put the country back together again after you wrenched it apart.



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