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Maybe the singled dumbest, most incoherent thing i've seen in my life.. from misspelling of names and getting addresses wrong to trying to preempt a campaign mailer, which is like some fever dream fear of Lena's in a narcotics induced state rather than anything that could occur on this plane of reality, to the concept of a candidate even thinking she or he would have the power in a constitutional democracy to preempt a campaign mailer, if that mailer even were something real, to trying to silence media outlets in contradiction of the most basic understanding of the first amendment (not to mention Sullivan v NY Times)..

One could go on and on if it were worth the time. It really was *frighteningly* stupid, given that the ranting accuser is a state senator.

Suffice to say, I don't know what the hell she's talking about, and I very much doubt anyone else attacked in the letter does either. I can only imagine that she paid an apparently unethical attorney to use his letterhead for something she herself scribbled while three quarters of the way into a wine bottle or on some other kind of substance.

It actually gives me the creeps how someone could take office and not even have a 6th grade level civics education. Only someone that painfully ignorant of the democratic American order could put her name on that.

And all of that is not even to mention that a state senator would be so abysmally disconnected from a sense of ethics or truth, that it would occur to her that it was OK to fabricate a sheet of stupid. She lives in a world, as we've seen is the case lately, where making stuff up, even incredibly stupid stuff that makes the liar just look like an idiot, is acceptable behavior.

It's too much sometimes. We used to elect adults in this city. It's nauseating to realize we live in local political waters where someone as stone cold dumb as Lena Gonzalez could exist without being drummed out of office.

If only there hadn't been so many candidates in the special election... Even prostituting herself to the oil industry to the tune of a million-dollar independent expenditure nearly wasn't enough to save her from public awareness of what pathetic pawn of a councilmember she was.

Actually, the one thing i got out of this letter was that apparently there's a lot of shit in her husband Adam Carillo's background (rumored to be running for 5th District council, if you can believe a joke like that, next election) that i didn't know about..... which maybe they think folks might know about.... but now everyone will make sure to find out exactly what it is Lena's so afraid of people finding out. Like i say, you really cannot even describe how stupid she is.

also.. Adam Carillo has standing and reputation after "meeting" with "executives" of Blume Media, as part of the negotiations over the sale of ETA.... to a company that didn't exist at the time and whose "executives" were stock images on the internet??

This is literally THE SECOND time in this campaign that an opponent has literally just made a lot of shit up. Just made up stupid shot out of whole cloth. Where do these morons come from? It's like you really do have to be this stupid to have such low personal standards to be willing to be part of the city hall parliament of whores in this town. The folks in Garcia's orbit from Cotter to Brezenoff to Cindy Allen to Lena to Herlinda are truly the creepiest most dishonest excuses for humanity..... You have to take a shower after just being in the same room with these people.

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