Helen Borgers Axed

Helen Borgers, for 38 years the hallmark of loyalty, enthusiasm, and commitment to her craft. She should be nominated to the Radio Hall of Fame if there is such an entity. Some sort of function should take place to honor her. If so, I would donate the band. Thank goodness I have her voice recorded on Live at Catalinas.

Phil Norman

Helen will definitely be missed at KKJZ. I am in San Diego frequently and do hear Ken, so it will be nice also to hear Helen’s voice again. Always such a positive, upbeat voice introducing great jazz!

Judy Wolman
Los Angeles

I am so glad that someone noted this terrible decision by the bigwigs at KKJZ. KSDS will be getting my support very, very soon.

Tony Roberson

I remember hearing Helen during the 80s. She had a lovely voice and played great music. Their loss!

Heather Propes
Edison, New Jersey

Brad Williams, who had the 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekday slot, was the unnamed DJ also let go. They will both be missed.

Gaye Dawn Selover Funk 


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