Homeless Problem

There are several reasons for the homeless problem. About one third are mentally ill and should be treated in mental facilities but because of miss management of taxpayer money such as the train to now where, multi billion pension obligations to the public sector unions, special interests etc. We don’t have the “resources” for the homeless. It’s time to divert the money to common sense things that would help the problem.

There is the alcohol and drug problem. Needles scattered all through homeless encampments. There should be a crackdown on drug dealers with harsh punishments. Also, many homeless don’t want to work! They like the “freedom” of the street life. Kick them off the street! There’s lots of room in the desert.

There are millions of illegal aliens in California, over one million in Los Angeles county alone and more coming in. This causes a housing shortage which drives the rent (due to a lot of greedy landlords) and house prices to obscene levels. The Democrats should help with this problem instead of hindering it because they are “resisting” President Trump for political reasons.

Then there are the ones that because of misfortune (forest fires, medical bills etc.) who lost their home. Hopefully they will be helped with government resources and get back on their feet.

Reduce or eliminate some of the fees and restrictions imposed on home builders. That would produce more houses and jobs.

Leo Mitchell


Chris is a young man about my son’s age (22) with sign in front of CVS next to MemorialCare on Bellflower. I suggested he use city resources to get off street. He seemed open to get help. Any other suggestions? What can be done in Long Beach? One on streets is too many; the crisis getting worse! Gave him cold drink, some snacks and encouragement to get help through city resources (we pay for) and prayers for better days.

Angela Meylor


The LBPD’s Quality of Life Detail can come out and talk to him. Email lbpdeast@longbeach.gov. describe the young man and provide a location. I recently requested their assistance and the officer was able to connect the person with services. It was a very quick response too.

Raquel Sanchez


You can tell him there is someone who will help him with anything he needs. His name is Rich Armond; he is the Quality of Life officer. Rich will continue to make contact with him until he is ready. Rich’s number is (562) 208-3879. He has helped 87 people to get off the streets and to get help. He keeps in touch as they go from rehab or treatment, sober living to transitional housing and getting jobs and back into society. This is the only thing that works. Most of the homeless know him. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I work with him. Thank you for caring.

Christine Barry


Twenty-two years old? The military is looking for new recruits, some of these guys are cons. Take note and see how long he sticks around. They agree with you about getting help, but you will see them continue to beg anywhere [because] someone is opening their wallet. There are many programs out there and they know it. One told me “Why punch a time clock when they can get money handed to them?” If everyone stops giving them money, then they will be forced to seek help and pull themselves up by the bootstraps like the rest of us have done.

Dennis Bastian


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