Homeless Solution

Diana Lejins

There is one very simple way to reduce the number of homeless people and their encampments in Long Beach. Just stop giving them money. And chastise those who do give them money. If you reward them for soliciting, they will continue the behavior. If you don’t, most will go where they are rewarded. It’s just that simple and the responsibility is yours.



One of the Orange County Transportation Authority's bus drivers came up with a plan that may also help rid the homeless people and their encampments simply by offering free bus rides or any amount of cash one wishes to part with for a one way trip just across the International Border with no return service. Seems like the homeless all want something for nothing so this could be our chance to create a win-win for everyone. The homeless get a free ride and we get rid of their presence. Long Beach Transportation could follow the example and the homeless problem would be solved!

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