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I  just have to thank you for your honest and factual reporting in the Beachcomber. I am disgusted and ashamed with what is going on in Long Beach. From the Police Department, the city attorney and being a Sanctuary City. I never voted for that. Seeing how the Police Department is so nontransparent and how the city attorney is in bed with them ... all self-serving people who are raping Long Beach!

What ever happened to honesty, morals, ideals and plain old common sense? I am so glad Long Beach has an honest, conservative newspaper ... the only one I have seen. The Grunion is unworthy of my time.

A disenchanted 60-year resident of Long Beach

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Keep your news stories coming. Your readers appreciate the “old school” journalistic approach when research and truth meant something.

Doree Medrano Lane


Please keep doing what you have been doing for years. The Beachcomber is a great local community paper that strives for integrity in its reporting. You have always held yourself, and your staff, to the highest journalistic integrity. I never have a doubt about the completeness, fairness and accuracy of your reporting.

I always enjoy reading Mr. Downing’s columns as I know there is a real reason for it to have been written.

Wesley Garrison



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