Illegal Immigrants

Taylor Ramsey

I just read Thomas Elias’ April 10 article in the  Press-Telegram titled, “Immigration raids scare farmers, not just workers” and I disagree with him.

Elias referred to last February when 660 people were rounded up in the U.S. by federal agents resulting in scared illegal immigrants and the farmers who hire them. Curious why he limited his concern to farmers when it seems to be scaring anyone hiring illegal immigrants. I can understand why that would be a concern, however, Elias did not mention that President Trump was pursuing illegal immigrants who committed serious law violations. To be fair, the article should have included how many of those 660 people were rounded up because they committed crimes in the U.S.

Elias’ column pointed out the study Senator Feinstein completed in trying to prove American citizens would not do the work illegal immigrants would do at low wages on farms. He omitted the fact that the laws of economics say that the more workers there are to complete a task the result will be lower compensation for those workers. I am always amazed at how many of us demand the government mandate higher wages while at the same time they do all they can to incent and allow illegal aliens to enter the country to work thus decreasing wages.

I spoke to a contractor for a quote for some work on my home. He said contractors who hired those guys waiting at the driveway at the local building supply store were killing him.  He said he paid his legal employees good living wages. He noted some contractors were under bidding him by picking up the illegal immigrants sitting on the edge of those driveways allowing those contractors to pay much lower wages to win bidding wars. I hired the guy who paid legal and living wages.

Elias also suggested the sweeps are being “masqueraded” as gang sweeps.  I believe the president has been rounding up illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes just as he promised he would do during his campaign for president.  Far from a masquerade.

I know the immigration system is broken and I believe there is a way to fix it. I find it interesting his “article of complaints” did not mention a single solution such as a well-documented “guest worker” program.  A guest worker program would address the concerns of the farmers and the real fear of those who risk so much to enter the country illegally.

I hope the president continues to find the bad guys who commit crimes and send them home. We should demand our elected representatives come up with a valid guest worker program that works, not only for the good of U.S. employers, but for the good of those determined to break our immigration laws to build a better life for themselves and their families. 

Instead of cities and the state of California creating “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants, thus proliferating the state of ‘fear” illegal immigrants live in, we should demand our elected officials create a workable guest worker program now. 

Great way to eliminate all the fear, don’t you think?





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