Illegal Immigration

Vance Frederick

Border Patrol agents doing the job daily say walls work and they want them. Statistics prove they work. Trump is president and in charge of national Security. What is the discussion about?

Nancy Pelosi and other haters of Trump are causing a massive border crisis allowing 22,000 more illegals to enter and stay here. Another estimate that should gag all Americans is 60 percent are on some kind of welfare. All of their children’s educations are paid for by citizens through our taxes. Any and all children born here are free of charge – paid for by taxpayers.

Also, If the mother comes here early in pregnancy she can opt for free prenatal care and then have her baby as an anchor baby that makes them a citizen because of a law dating back to slaves and their babies. Don’t be fooled, all illegals already have the ability to visit any hospital at any time and get free, to them, healthcare.

Also, the CDC knows there are no immunizations south of the border so whatever [disease] the people have they bring with them across the border for our citizens. You know, the ones getting a free education along with your child.

Jobs will be taken. That’s why they’re coming folks and they work for less causing citizens to have to work for less or not take those jobs. This is a definite reality in not just the construction business that alone is a very serious problem. Even then many illegal workers are paid under the table, which allows them to send portions of their untaxed wages to families south in the amount of $2 billion a month. That’s some untaxed $24 billion a year.

California, a sanctuary state, pays for illegals law costs as well. California already has the worst percentage of below poverty line residents with one in every five persons being at poverty level or below. That’s with the sixth largest economy in the world. That means there are a few elites taking in most of the money like Amazon’s Bezos, who is worth at least $140 billion it was estimated for his divorce.

Elites love the idea of cheap labor. Just ask Apple, which has factories in China using worse than slave labor to make the phones they make billions of dollars on. You know, the same guys telling us liberals are wonderful caring people, just don’t look how they make their money.

There’s no place left for middle-class Americans and that’s why those leaving the state are nearly as large a number as those crossing the border to take their place except sooner than later those replacements will be nothing more than serfs for the radical left elitists. California is no longer a part of America at that point.

It doesn’t matter if you tell Nancy. She’ll deny it anyway.



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