International Flights

Randy Gordon

Tuesday night, Jan. 24, the city council voted not to move forward with a customs facility and international terminal. The lone supporter to do so was Councilmember Dee Andrews and we thank him for his support on this issue and the many who wanted a customs facility built at our airport.

We are disappointed in Councilmembers Stacy Mungo (the maker of the motion) and Suzie Price (who seconded the motion) to not adopt the staff recommended position of moving forward the process for a customs facility.

This was an important issue with multiple upsides for business. The chamber has always been a staunch supporter of the noise ordinance and the maintaining of that ordinance at the Long Beach Airport. It does not matter where planes taking off to or where the planes arrives from, the noise ordinance dictates the amount of flights period.

Last night, the city council supported emotions and misinformation over facts and economics. We commend the airport and city staff for a well-run process. It was simply ignored this time.

The chamber will continue to fight on behalf of our members. We look forward to the next issue that may arise that impacts the business community.

Randy Gordon is president and CEO of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce



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