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Stacy Mungo

I have always and will always believe in the power of information driven by data and facts and that which produces an understanding of all options, alternatives and available courses of action. We needed all the information at hand in order to make an informed decision, and I want to thank all of our city staff and airport tenant employees who are our neighbors and who continue to make our cherished LGB thrive.
 was elected by and for neighbors to serve our community’s best interest. As one of nine policy makers in the city, I strive to do what I believe is right, prudent and fiscally sound. Tonight’s vote with respect to the establishment or construction of a Federal Inspection Service (FIS) facility at the Long Beach Airport (LGB) is one that has weighed heavily on my heart, and I know you feel the same way as that came through in the hundreds of calls, emails and correspondence I received. 

The feasibility study, community meetings, reports and presentations, and council hearings have been comprehensive - we have listened to the experts, we have listened to the applicant (JetBlue), and most importantly, we have listened to the residents and the greater Long Beach community about a number of aspects related to what an FIS facility would mean to our neighborhoods. 

This is an investment the city would make if it felt it were in the best interests of the airport financially, after taking into consideration a full review of the associated issues, and in this case, the financial investment the city would make in this endeavor does not outweigh the potential benefits. The potential economic impacts to the region, and more importantly to the airport itself, do not justify the investment. The airport is one of the city’s biggest economic drivers, and we need to ensure it is financially sound. Our airport is functioning well today, and the city should not proceed with a new project while we have so many other important priorities. 

For these reasons, I made a motion, which was approved (8-1) by my colleagues, to receive and file the FIS report and to direct the city manager and airport staff to take no further action with respect to the FIS facility request. This was not a matter that I took lightly; it truly was a divisive issue that brought out people on all sides, with wide ranging perspectives and beliefs. I hope that we can move forward; I believe that we can advance the difficult work of building a bright future for our community; and I know that I am proud to serve you, even when that means making the tough decisions.

Stacy Mungo is the 5th District Councilwoman



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