Iron Triangle

I would really like to thank the genius who thought taking Bellflower from Colorado to 7th Street down to two lanes. The short section between PCH and 7th is a joke and virtually impassable coming up from Colorado. And all this to add a bike lane? I drive through there nearly every day and have yet to see a cyclist at any time of the day. If the goal was to create a mess: mission accomplished!

Jared Morford


Agreed. This just doesn’t make much sense. Perhaps there is some type of funding that if you increase the bike lanes throughout the city you can get money from the state or federal government. Not worth it.

Ronnie Williams


I ride bikes pretty much every day and appreciate the protection from cars. Sounds like a lot of you need to start exercising

Matt Browning


Maybe the reason that more bikers don’t post on [Nextdoor threads] is because they get attacked when they do. There are plenty of taxpaying bikers who appreciate the things the city is doing to improve bike accessibility. I for one do not think the changes made traffic any worse (albeit traffic on 7th was bad before). I welcome the changes the city is doing.

Jeremy Cooper


I  go down [Bellflower] a few times a day and it’s a nightmare now and Cal State is not even in session yet. People get cut off heading south on Bellflower where it goes from three lanes to two because no one turns. Then so many cars run the light at Bellflower and 7th and block the intersection.

Tracy Roman


There is absolutely no sane reason to delete a lane when the traffic is already horrible in that area. It is awful. We don’t need more pollution by added time (vehicles just sitting spewing emissions) on the roads because of these poor decisions. Get people to their destination safely and in a timely manner and you can also lower the pollution in the air.

Angie Epstein


The bicycle lanes are there so that the city and mayor can collect awards and accolades for going “green” and making healthy changes. The road diet (aka traffic calming) is based on Europe’s motto “20 is plenty!” meaning 20 mph is fast enough. It’s all designed to make you go slower, and if you don’t like it? Get on your bike! The trouble is, of course, most people can’t commute on a bicycle.

Dougie Cringean



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