Land Use Proposal

I live downtown; there are very real problems with density. I don’t think it’s fair to force these issues on to people who have made a decision to live in a low density area. At some point, people will need to move out of California. We cannot support everyone. And we should be working harder to build a broader middle class and not just sustain extreme wealth (developers, $200,000/year city managers/department heads) and extreme poverty.
Carl Hampton
It seems that city planners are hell bent on completely “Los Angelizing” our city by stuffing more and more people into smaller and smaller areas with cracker box and bee hive type structures. We have too many people in the city already and the city lacks the resources to adequately provide police and other public services to what we have. If the city goes through with such a plan, most of the city will become a smog filled crime infested cesspool. 
Name Withheld by Request
Destroying neighborhoods, serving commercial retail centers and replacing with housing is nuts. Where do you think people will shop?
Niki Brown Tennant
Don’t care about cars, traffic; I’m fine with the car-share economy. I just want affordable housing so I can finally start a family. It’s gotten so bad I had to leave Long Beach. How y’all gonna be a sanctuary city but not expect to attract more citizens? 
Y’all need economics 101: supply and demand. On one hand you bitch ‘n’ moan about how expensive rent is and in the same breath you shake fists at an idea of building up. Make up y’all’s minds.
Aleksey Volchek
Palm Coast, Florida


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