LBCC DACA Students

Robert Van der Upwich

Maybe Long Beach City College President Reagan Romali should look up the definition of the word "deferred." Barack Obama initiated the DACA action by executive order with the intent that Congress act by legislation. Trump forced Congress to act.  A president can't decree immigration law. I'm so glad to see that LBCC is a "safe place." 

After all, with their two-year program yielding astonishing graduation results in single digits, I'm certain that these over-compensated educators wouldn't want to highlight that too much. Today's colleges are all about money. As a property owner I can't wait for the next half-billion-dollar fleecing to taxpayers so the college can continue to provide nurturing, special workshops and crisis counseling because of scary Trump. That way most of their students can avoid employment for a few more years while taking a class or two from time to time.


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