LBPD Brass Neglect

This story bears striking similarities to the plight of Navy Capt. Brett Crozier who was abruptly removed from his command of the coronavirus-sidelined aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt after going outside of his chain of command and emailing an impassioned plea for help for the crew of his ship.

Rather than being commended for her attempts to protect the lives of her fellow officers, LBPD Officer Covarubias, like Captain Crosier, will most likely be retaliated against for going outside a negligent chain of command, safe in their own bubble far from the front line.

Mike Ruehle


This is utterly appalling. I applaud the courage of this officer to state the truth. Many of us in the community have been frustrated with a perception of prevarication and dismissal as we ask questions of our police commanders. Now we have confirmation of our frustrations. It is not just neighborhood leaders who get the run around, it is the rank and file themselves.

I am running on a platform of reform, and that means the Police Department included. If we cannot trust the leaders of our men and women in blue, the whole city is at risk. We can do better than this If adjustments are not immediately forthcoming, I suggest our new city manager, look for new leadership in many upper-level positions of this department.

Everyone always told me not to “come out against the police.” So, I have kept my mouth shut. Now one of their own has opened hers. Everyone knows when the truth is not being told. Ultimately isn’t that what everything boils down to? Is the truth being told. For this city’s health and safety, it is time to tell the truth, act responsibly and cull the herd of those who will not go along with a new world of truth and honesty.

Robert Fox


I met Officer Covarubias around 2008 while she was on patrol. Officer Covarubias is the bravest officer I have ever met.

Lynne Ehren


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