LBPD Overtime Fraud

Brilliantly written and researched article. [City Attorney Conceals Overtime Fraud, Oct. 11, 2019] As always Stephen Downing brings the highest standards of journalistic reporting to bear. It is truly so sad that we have a Police Department upper management that is not forthcoming with documentation and information to the public. As with any organization, it is incumbent upon the upper management to show the high standards of fairness, accessibility, transparency, honor and integrity.

Covering up anything shrouds the entire department with the shadow of mistrust. Not prosecuting offenders within the ranks, sets the perception that the police are “above the law”. We simply cannot abide that oppressive concept. Our rank and file, honorable men and women, serving us with the best of intentions and honesty will be tarnished by the attitudes and scandals above them.

It is imperative to have trust between the citizens and the police. Without that, the police can only rule with fear. You can imagine where that would take us. As the old saying goes... Sunshine is the best disinfectant. I trust Chief Luna will take this to heart immediately.

Robert Fox


I’m appalled at the money being paid out in overtime. If those hours were actually being worked, it would justify adding personnel. Where is our City Council on this issue? Why aren’t they questioning the management practices?

Corliss Lee


It now appears LBPD brass choose to not discipline officers for their illegal conduct to avoid having to share the findings of their investigation with the public per SB 1421. Obviously, this corruption of SB 1421 is an unintended consequence. Nobody envisioned the LBPD would intentionally employ criminals in order to avoid public disclosure of an out-of-control department.

Mike Ruehle


This is a merry-go-round gone haywire. The immediate past city manager, his deputy, the chief of police, POA, the city attorney and his subordinate attorneys and the city council are all guilty of covering up illegal activity within the ranks of our police. This is a serial case of obstruction carried out for decades. It includes officer-involved shootings where evidence is systematically quashed and destroyed to protect dirty cops from the law.

Our elected representatives turn their united backs on bad conduct by police. This is enough to make Long Beach citizens dizzy. It is how management has gotten away with this crooked enterprise for so long. We need outside help to straighten this out. We need the citizens to rise up and send the above-named officials packing.

Thomas Gonzales


Thank you so much for printing all the articles by Stephen Downing. Both you and Mr. Downing are doing a great public service.

My only hope is that somehow all his work can connect with the county district attorney since it is obvious that the corruption in Long Beach City Hall is embedded so deeply they can never heal themselves.

(Name withheld by request)


Thank you, Beachcomber, for taking on the challenge of bringing to light the unholy alliance between our City Hall, city prosecutor, city attorney and Police Department in covering up misdeeds by and within our Police Department. Too bad you seem to be the only news agency willing to do the job, and I include the other free newspaper with beach-themed title among those neglecting to report on these issues.

Years ago, in the 1970s I believe, the Los Angeles Times printed a series of articles on corruption in Long Beach and the role the Press Telegram’s management played in influencing city government. It seems that a reversal has taken place. Now, to curry favor and gain access I assume, most local media are loathe to risk the ire of city officials. Or maybe it’s a case of being politically aligned with those who run our city and therefore turning a blind eye when a little muckraking is needed.

Gary Hastings


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