LBPD Releases Photos/Narrative of Pearce/Cotter Incident

The Beachcomber has received the following link from the Long Beach Police Department detailing their investigation into the June 3. altercation between Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce and her former Chief of Staff Devin Cotter:

In an accompanying email, LBPD Sergeant Byron Blair stated:

The following is the latest information available for release related to the June 3, 2017 incident involving Councilmember Jeannine Pearce “Pearce” and her former Chief of Staff Devin Cotter:

On June 26, 2017, the public intoxication case involving Devin Cotter was presented to the Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office for filing consideration.   The City Prosecutor’s Office filed one misdemeanor count of public intoxication and a probation violation related to the $50,000 DUI warrant. On November 16, 2017, the case was adjudicated in Superior Court.

The Long Beach Police Department is providing documents requested through the Public Records Request Act that were previously unavailable due to the ongoing public intoxication case. To access these documents please go to the following link.  All previous statements and documents that have been released over the course of this investigation are also included for reference. Select released records have been redacted pursuant to Ca. Govt. Code §6254(f) and Ca. Govt. Code §6255.

The Public Integrity Division of the District Attorney’s Office is still in the process of conducting a separate review of alleged inappropriate activity and conflicts of interest. Select records are being withheld pursuant to California Public Records Act (CPRA), Ca. Govt. Code §6254(f) and Ca. Govt. Code §6255. Documents connected to the Public Integrity Investigation will not be available until after the case is adjudicated.

This link will connect you with the following information:

  • All previously issued LBPD statements related to this investigation
  • Redacted copy of DR#17-32687 (273.5 report)
  • Redacted copy of DR#17-32692 (647(f) report)
  • Devin Cotter jail visitation video
  • Two cell phone videos taken by Jeannine Pearce
  • Devin Cotter booking photo
  • Photos received from Devin Cotter’s attorney
  • Photos taken by officers at the time of Devin Cotter’s arrest
  • Detective photos of possible incident location(s)


Friday afternoon the Committeee Supporting the Recall of Councilmenber Jeannine Pearce distributed portions of the LBPD material:



Both Jeannine Pearce and Devin Cotter are miserable pieces of excrement. That Pearce has not resigned in the face such overwhelming evidence underscores just what a low-life she really is. Unfortunately, Long Beach City Hall is filled with similar scum, such as Robert Garcia and Stacy Mungo. The citizens of this city MUST vote these self-serving cretins out of office at the first opportunity.

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