LBUSD Working on Preventing School Shootings

Eduardo Landa

Long Beach Unified School District’s (LBUSD) safety guidelines and protocols helped lead to the arrest of two students threatening their high school.

According to NBC Los Angeles, one threat came from a 16-year-old boy at Wilson High School. Classmates overheard him making threats to the school and immediately reported him. On Feb. 21 the police arrived and arrested the student. They interviewed different witnesses and had more police officers patrol the high school.

The second arrest was made at Long Beach Millikan High School on the same day as the Wilson High School threat. This time the boy was 15 years old and classmates overheard him making threats and reported him to staff members who then called the police.

School shootings are becoming a part of American life. Since 2013, there has been 239 school shootings in the United States. About 438 people were shot and 138 of them were killed.

These shootings have happened all across the country from Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Arizona and New Mexico.

A couple of these school shootings have happened here in California. Lancaster, San Bernardino and San Jose have been a few of the cities that have been plagued with school shootings.

LBUSD has learned from these shootings and have been working on putting procedures in place to prevent such tragedies from happening.

“Our schools work closely with law enforcement each day often behind the scenes, including via monitoring of social media, to keep our students safe,” said Christopher J. Steinhauser, LBUSD superintendent.

Steinhauser said in a statement that the school has a “safety plan” in place for various emergency situations one of them being a school shooting.

These protocols were set up by the LBUSD office of school safety and emergency preparedness with the help of law enforcement.

Steinhauser also encourages staff, students and parents to report any potential threats or suspicious activities.

His words proved to be effective as it was students who reported their fellow classmates and possibly prevented another school shooting.

According to Steinhauser both of the incidents were unrelated.

Long Beach schools are no strangers to school shootings.

In 2005 long before many of the recent tragedies occurred, there was a shooting incident at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. It was toward the end of the school’s graduation ceremony when two people started fighting and a shooting occurred right after. Two hand guns were found and the victim was driven away.

On Feb. 20 there was a threat reported on Polytechnic High School, but investigators found the threat to be not credible.

Today the country is debating on how best to stop school shootings. The issue of gun control is widely discussed, but while those in Washington continue to argue about it, school districts like LBUSD are doing their own changes and working every day to make sure that tragedies like the ones at Marjory Stonewall Douglas High School and Sandy Hook never happen in Long Beach schools.




The writer implies they are in favor of more guns at our schools. I implore Gov. Brown not to believe that more guns is an answer. Please research how many countries in Europe and Asia are able to ban all guns and enforce it. Look at the statistics on violent crimes and deaths in those countries. Most people simply do not need to own guns. Has anyone noticed the name: ASSAULT rifle! These are not for hunting. They are for assault... made to kill people. No one other than military or law enforcement should have access to assault rifles. Lives are at stake, children's lives, too many have died. Ban guns and make the penalty severe for violation. The person who sells a gun made to kill people is an accessory to murder. 

Kudos to Paul White's comment on the NRA's twisted thinking.

Janet Starkey


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