Let's Debate

Henk Conn

My name is James "Henk" Conn and I am the only opposing candidate for the mayor's office in the citywide election on April 10.  To date, I have not received any invitations or notices of planning for a debate between Dr. Garcia and I.  With just over seven weeks left in this election, and just over five weeks into this election cycle, we have not had a public debate. We have presented twice at local union halls, neither have been open to the public.  I have attempted to contact many local community groups and local news outlets, I have not heard any intention to offer a public forum to have a mayoral debate in a city that is roughly half a million residents strong.

I look forward to a chance to debate the mayor in a public forum, as I am sure he does as well. I have asked many groups and encouraged many reporters to contact me if the news agencies would be organizing any such events, and I await their answer.  Today, this President's Day, a day of reminder of past political leadership in the foundation of our great nation, I call upon the press to keep the political spirit alive.  Please organize a debate, please invite us, please invite the public.




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