Water Rate Increase

Your Aug. 2 editorial stating the need for a 12 percent water rate increase states that replacing water meters and water lines are necessary.  However, this rate increase is not for meters and water lines – it is to put $12,684,000 into the General Fund to be spent on whatever the city deems best.

You also state that the City Council will vote on this in September. You neglect to mention that the rate payers can stop the increase by protesting to the Water Commission by Aug. 29.  An e-mail can be sent to Sandy.Fox@lbwater.org, giving your name, address and water account number and simply saying “I protest the proposed water increase.”

A majority of the LB water users registering a protest will stop the increase. The council will have no vote if 50 percent of rate payers protest.

I am more than willing to pay for good water, but the city-owned water company is supposed to be non-profit, not a means to supplement the General Fund.

Ann Cantrell



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