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Lawsuit Settlement

Mr. Downing’s insight into the way LBPD and CPCC handled the Williams complaint as well as the groundless effort to comply with the demands of the Public Records Act opens a small window into how LBPD corruptly guards itself against legitimate grievances by members of the public harmed by its officers. He also sheds important light on how the Police Department tried to evade the letter and spirit of the new law that took the secrecy wraps off excessive force and dishonesty complaints.

The purpose of the law is clear: It should not have been necessary for the Beachcomber to sue to force the departments’ compliance with disclosure requirements. Yet that is what happened because LBPD continues to resist the will of the voters and our legislature, not only as concerns Downing and the Beachcomber, but an uninformed public.

As a police misconduct attorney of 42 years, and who has represented multiple victims of serious Long Beach PD abuses, I’ve learned the way in which the Williams’ complaint was treated by internal affairs, command staff and CPCC is typical, not an aberration by any means.

The same pattern emerged in case after case but because the details are provided to me under secrecy orders the city insists upon, those sordid details remain hidden from public view even after the cases are over and we’ve won. Worse yet, the officers whose malignant behavior has been exposed in the litigation are rewarded for protecting the department with promotions.

I applaud and encourage the Beachcomber for peeling back the secrecy veil that has long profited LBPD.

Thomas E. Beck

This [Jan. 29] article is just a small window to the corruption that plagues this city. From the exorbitant payrolls to corruption in the Building Department (where non-permitted establishments are allowed to flaunt the laws if they are “connected”) to the complete failure of managing the Queen Mary – a money pit that will never resurface because of connected people. The council keeps going along with the same old ways of robbing the taxpayers.

Michael Salemi

To say that I look for your [Stephen Downing] articles when I get the Beachcomber would be an understatement. You are a very gifted writer and I look forward to every article you write. Looking very forward to the next part.

Having gone to St. Anthony’s High School, a year ahead of Mr. Parkin and with Mr. Mais ahead of me and living in Long Beach since law school, I have been a long-time Long Beach supporter. Your articles give me hope that some of the cronyism may one day stop.

Michael Lotta

The reason extremism is growing in the United States is because of the growing mistrust of its citizens in their government. The increasing lack of transparency and accountability to the rule of law by our governments is driving people to react in increasingly violent ways.

Proven conspiracies by cities like Long Beach provides a recruiting poster for violent groups seeking better representation from their elected officials. The lack of transparency is becoming more than a black-lives-matter peaceful protest issue. It has now become a rallying cry for violent extremists across the spectrum of politics. All driven by a lack of transparency, of which Long Beach is the epitome.

Michael Ruehle


Queen Mary

It may be time for the Queen Mary [Jan. 29 story] to be officially scrapped or turned into a reef. The ship is in horrible condition and it would take millions to bring it back to where it could safely receive visitors. It has been a Long Beach attraction for years but the property it sits on could be developed possibly as a themed water park or expand the existing cruise ship terminal.

Larry Diaz


Dem Impeachers

Would someone please tell Vance Frederick that Donald Trump ran for president twice and lost the popular vote both times? Mr. Frederick’s letter in the Jan. 29 issue claims a majority of Americans want Donald Trump to “run” the country. That is simply not so. In fact, it is only because of the peculiarity known as the electoral college that Donald Trump got to “run” the country for the last four years.

In any event, judging from the results of the last two presidential elections, Mr. Trump has never had the support of a majority of Americans.

Tom Brayton


Mayor, COVID-19

The current doses [Jan. 29, Mayor, Council Bent COVID-19 Rules] should have been designated for people over 70 or 75, people with underlying conditions, and essential services people. The city over promised and underperformed because of the doses which went to people who should have waited.

Janet West

At least our city leadership never surprises us with their consistently rotten ineptitude in everything they do.

Da Dawson

Been waiting and checking daily for two weeks. I’m old. Can’t change that. LB has its own Health Department. No info other than “there are no appointments currently.” What does that actually mean?

All these people televised and on Facebook getting vaccinated. Again, what does that mean? What should we believe? The council district newsletter doesn’t say much either. Any updates welcomed.

Carole Nevin



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