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Cellular Units Battle


Excellent article [5/21/21]. Thanks for putting everything into perspective. While our city official’s mission should be the protection of and commitment to a safe environment for its citizens, their main concern is revenue and pandering to corporate profits. They’re afraid to go against the dominant paradigm and will even throw their kids under the bus, risk their lives, rather than taking a stand for public health.

Shame on L.B. City Council. “Just following orders...”

David Morrison


Automotive Future

Technology for electric vehicles [Letters 5/21/21] is gaining but better fuel economy and shells that are lighter causes greater possibility for damage to passengers and the structure itself. Less weight, less strength [means] greater possibility for major structural damage and less strength surrounding passengers. Not a good compromise.

Plus, we have no idea how we are going to get the energy needed to propel not only these vehicles but the massive amounts of electricity that are demanded by devices introduced daily. Those devices need power and batteries are only so efficient. Also, there seems to be no attention to the need for fossil fuels for lubrication, making plastics and all the other needs for this liquid gold.

One can’t tell people to have a job that is near their home. That just ain’t American. I worked for the studios for 30 years and drove great distances to either studios or locations daily. I would leave very early to miss most of the traffic but coming home was tedious. However, that was my job, I enjoyed it, was paid well and was well received by those who enjoyed the results.

Telling those to stay close to home while general aviation routinely passes over my home in the hundreds of flights a day is not appropriate or sane. Buses pass with very few riders far too often and once immigrants were given drivers licenses the bus rider traffic dropped over 50%. Do the math.

There are far too many “ifs” when it comes to electric vehicles and traffic flow to guess correctly at this juncture. To try and start a massive green alternative is purely a waste of time, effort and revenue this country can’t afford. This very cursory view should be easy to extrapolate into our real-world situation.

Vance Frederick


Digital Software

I’m not sure why [the Beachcomber] keeps using these fancy, page-turning [digital edition] programs. It seems it would be much cheaper and much easier to use to just send out a locked PDF so people can’t edit the content.

The first iteration was an Adobe Flash implementation, [which] is no longer supported. The second iteration was some other page-turning software that was too small to read unless you enlarged the view and then you couldn’t turn the pages. This latest iteration is just as bad as the 2nd iteration.

It just seems a simple PDF file would be much easier for everyone to use.

Dan Wilkinson

[Editor’s Note: Sending out thousands of 3 MB email attachments is not a practical approach for several technical reasons, which is why newspapers use links. PDFs are fine for small newsletters going to a small audience. The latest digital edition software – provided by our print vendor – is far superior to prior versions after you learn how to use it. Also, emailing links to each edition is a huge cost savings over mailing printed newspapers via the U.S. Postal System.]


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