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Soccer Turf

Why is the city spending millions of dollars on artificial turf soccer fields [Oct. 9 issue] when there is grass abundant to accommodate soccer? I do not understand how artificial turf is better than grass. Try as I might, I cannot fathom the improvement. There is much artificiality in this world, why are we adding more?

Perhaps the City Council can better educate the citizenry on why this expenditure is an improvement over what already is there. On the surface (pun intended) it seems a preposterous waste of money and resources.

Tom Brayton



I finally decided to do some research on the state website about public health guidelines for places of worship. This then led me to the City of Long Beach website and their guidelines. I am the board president of a small downtown church, otherwise who would want to dig into this detailed stuff?

In LB, you don’t have to wear a mask if you are in a place of worship and homeless, medically cannot wear one, or have a mental health condition or disability that would prevent wearing a face mask. Anyone can spread COVID-19; why would these categories of people be the exceptions? There should be no exceptions at all.

And although the state makes allowances for indoor worship services based on square footage and seating capacity, LB insists on outdoor seating only. Just thought I’d pass that along. So, which one do we follow? Anybody know? Sunday’s coming up again and I want to comply.

Mary James


Caltrans Trash

As I drive around Long Beach, I’ve noticed pockets of trash along roadsides, curbs, near freeway entrances. What’s up with that?

Caltrans is responsible for freeway areas but in the city! I am aware of financial issues, but this accumulated trash has been building up for months. I’ve noticed trash piles getting bigger. So, when will the city demand that Caltrans clean up areas by the freeway? And when will Long Beach clean up the city?

Why is it I can travel to other areas like Santa Barbara and San Diego and the freeways are clean, no weeds and the cities are much cleaner? Those who run this city aren’t paying attention or just don’t care. Let’s make complaints to the City Council and clean up the filth. I’m tired of looking at it. Clean up our city!

P.S. Hayes

[Editor’s Note: We contacted the Caltrans local district office two months ago due to reader complaints and were promised the freeway offramp situation would be addressed within a couple of weeks. That never happened. Vote accordingly on Nov. 3.]


Racist Neighbor

I had such a strange day when I had my house spray washed before painting. Hired a great guy who was an African American, hard worker and he was terrific.

At the end of the project, he stopped in the driveway to relax while I was making a sandwich for him. My neighbor across the street yelled at him and said he has to leave before she calls the police. If she was worried about my property, why didn’t she call me to ask when I was home making lunch?

What’s wrong with us when Americans of different colors do not feel safe? Can we stop judging each other by the colors, religion or marital preference? Can we be kinder/gentler and help anyone in need without judgment? If your intention was real, communicate directly and stop bullying people.

Tiffany Saenger


Mad, Mad World

That was the title of a film way back when people laughed and had a sense of humor and a striving for knowledge and truth. No more.

I was around a man and wife at the “Y” today and was wearing my KN95 mask along with a topper of the hospital type. I got too close to him apparently and he yelled, “Hey, six feet.” So, I stepped back and said sorry and went over to work out on the remaining recumbent bike. The man had headphone plugs so he couldn’t hear but he did hear when I told his wife that he should realize that the single cloth scarf he had on his face was useless. He then started screaming at me that I was an idiot who watched FOX news and that his cousin had died of COVID, so I better shut up.

Since I was only trying to inform someone who obviously didn’t have all the facts about masks I tried to continue but was shut down again and then the lifeguard came over and told me to stop as the man and wife rushed off with him in a huff. I tried to explain I was only trying to inform someone who didn’t have all the facts that his mask was useless as he worried about spreading COVID. She shut me down again. I tried speaking to her a bit later, but she told me that she tells her kids to not discuss things with people and I walked away.

A 20-something lifeguard telling a 71-year-old asthmatic retired carpenter about speech and learning. How quaint. I didn’t ask her if she thought her little ones should listen and learn from their elders. I didn’t say this is the land of truth, justice and the American way and that without free discussion we can’t have truth or justice and without all three we can’t and won’t have a free America either.

I’m not mad, angry or upset. I’m demoralized that people don’t want to hear the truth and that they would rather live in ignorance or their own agendas and folly than seek and obtain understanding. By the way, my brother was 80 as of Aug. 15, lives on a ranch with only his wife and he got COVID; to the best of my knowledge he’s still alive. The town he lives near has about 100 people, two gas stations and two restaurants.

I’m not sure if the virus was brought in by helicopter or from bats dropped by Chinese bombers. And not sure if he was wearing a good mask but he knows about such things as well. KN95 masks are second only to N95 masks that are impossible to obtain. That, also, is the truth.

Vance Frederick


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