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Forgotten City

Thank you for reporting on this story [Aug. 27, ELB Resident Dies Following Assault] and quoting things I said at the City Council meeting on Aug. 24. My sister MaryAnn & I (who spoke at the meeting) are both fed up with the crime and our LB neighborhoods being the forgotten city.

We saw what happened to James McManus and had to do something to help this man and his family because it could [have] been one of our own loved ones that happened to. Our council members are failing us and don’t even care! And taking away police that protect our city is not the answer!

Kathy Majick


Lions Dragstrip

The article on the Lions Dragstrip brought back another memory. During the 1960s and 1970s The Model T Ford Club of America held the Long Beach Hill Climb every year. I think it was around Obispo Street and different versions of Fords (1909 – 1927) competed in drag race styled climbs.

There were stock antique autos that frequently had to turn around halfway up because their gas tank position prevented gas from reaching the engine. They ended up driving backwards to finish up the hill.  At the other end of the spectrum were hot-rodded Ts that went up far faster than any stock modern car of the time.

There was another antique auto event held farther down the PCH at the Hamilton Bowl. Every year the Antique Car Swap Meet was where hobbyists could find every part they needed for restoration as well as complete cars for sale. At both of these most of the cars showed up having their owners driving them on the surface streets of Long Beach.  That truly was a different time.

I remember riding with a friend in his restored 1909 Brush Runabout. We stopped for some ice cream and when we came out, sure there were rubberneckers gawking at the car but there wasn’t a single fingerprint on any of the shiny brass headlights, side lamps, radiator and trim. It was respected and revered.

Larry Wright


More BS in BS

Was just in Ralph’s in Marina Pacifica and a transient just nonchalantly walks in, grabs a 12 pack of Coors and walks out the door; never once looked around. If I hadn’t have said anything nobody would have even known; they said there aren’t enough employees.

Hey Ralph’s, why don’t you hire some security? The money you save from the thievery can be used to stop all the free handouts and crime that keeps all these people around here. Unbelievable.

Rocci Merlo (via Nextdoor)



To letters to the editor

I was on the nextdoor website and someone was saying they had been evicted for no reason other than the building was being sold. Then they said it was very difficult to find somewhere else because of the tight rental market. They wondered why this was the case so here is how I answered:

The rental market is getting tight. With the threat of rent control, and the politicians making it harder and harder to get rid of a bad tenant, landlords want to be absolutely sure of a prospective tenant before renting to them. Many landlords just can't take it anymore and are getting out of the business. There will be fewer and fewer rentals available. I have been a landlord for about 50 years, but I have just turned my properties over to a property management company because I can no longer keep up with all of the new laws and regulations. Each new law required more of my time, and I was never compensated for my time. Now the management company will take care of all that stuff and just pass that expense on to the tenants.

Shortly after I posted this I had one “Like”, but when I checked back to the nextdoor site about an hour or so later I found my post had been removed. I guess they don’t like hearing about something that is contrary to their way of thinking.

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