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Alleged Auditor Fraud

A long time ago, I was a trade control manager who worked on the trading floor of an oil company. Many people may not understand what Daniel Miles means when he writes about Acontrols. [Doud Investigation, Page 1] Accounting controls are more than rules, they are so to speak the law. Controls are huge accounting dos and don’ts that can only be violated after receiving prior approval from a person at the highest level who assumes responsibility for doing so.

Auditor Dowd is that person at the highest level. She chose to violate controls (laws) with impunity while every other city employee must abide by those same controls. Dowd is the worst kind of elected official. She’s the kind that violates the controls (laws) that she put in place to protect taxpayer dollars from being spend inappropriately because she thought she wouldn’t get caught.

Mike Ruehle


Cell Tower Radiation

Ms. Hahn is a member of a growing population of people who are acutely affected by exposure to microwaves. [Residents’ Concerns, 2/25/22 issue] Microwaves effect all living things whether they experience acute effects or not.

Some years ago, Lloyds of London Insurance company stopped insuring for “Harm for Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation.” Following their lead, virtually all commercial liability insurance policies have followed their lead. This means that the City of Long Beach does not have insurance against harm from this exposure.

Eventual lawsuits will have to be paid by the city as they gave permits for installation of these towers. Cities could possibly be bankrupted from future settlements.

David Morrison


POA Park

Thank you Mr. Downing for your great work on exposing the apparent scam the LB Police Union has pulled off with NO audits from Laura Doud’s office of the POA park contract and the suspicion of the commingling of the rental income from city property to support payoff of council member’s campaign expenses. If council member Price is elected mayor does anybody think she will ask for an audit of the secret POA park books?

Larry Boland


Vanishing Soccer Fields

I wanted to thank reporter, Roberto Vazquez for putting faces to the issue regarding the removal of the fields at Marina Vista Park. [Feb. 25 issue] I was appalled to hear that the Long Beach City Council voted to demolish the fields and the surrounding practice spaces.

We have very little field space in Long Beach, this loss will take practice time away from children and will cause teams to fold. The removal of fields takes opportunities away from children, which is unacceptable. Belmont Shore Youth Rugby is just one of the programs that use Marina Vista Park to practice and for games, both multiple times a week. Belmont Shore Youth Rugby has produced national championship teams through supportive coaches and mentors.

These exceptional men and women instill rugby culture and values into their coaching that translates not only into winning but also has kept our players out of trouble and in school. Belmont Shore coaches value education and have worked to secure acceptances to colleges all over the Nation.

Many of our players come from marginalized groups in our community and need rugby and other sports to help with college entrance and scholarships. Eliminating fields, especially from this group of young people, does not promote justice and equity as our city has promoted. The City’s decision to remove sports fields is harmful and will ultimately take opportunities from children.

Dr. Tami Dowgiewicz


Queen Mary

Thank you, Beachcomber. [City Struggles to Preserve QM – Feb. 25] There is a new wave of transparency with Long beach media and it’s long overdue. It’s been a decade of having to remind city management that they are elected to “serve” the community as well as protecting its assets.

Including the ships international community has always been a huge part of the solution. Let people who care, help! It’s really that simple!

Mary Rohrer


Streets of Shame

If the state of California has all this surplus money why don’t they allocate grants to cities to repair and repave all our streets? This should be the number one issue for the state and the cities.

Thank you for the openness and honesty in reporting that the Beachcomber provides.

Charlie Bastedo


Every time I get the Beachcomber I always look first for [Steve Downing’s] column or columns. They are so well written. I sincerely appreciate the work you do and your writing style. I practiced law for a long time and appreciate the quality when I see it.

Please keep it up and know at least one longtime resident truly appreciates it. Great stuff

Michael Lotta


30 Years

April 10 marks 30 years after a drunken driver hit me when I was 16 years old. I had a four-month-long coma, broken bones, paralysis and brain injuries. My gait and speech are not perfect, and I read lips. Years of therapy and personal strength paid off. Inspiring people is my goal.

In 2006, I started speaking at Every 15 Minutes retreats and at schools in six cities for 14 years teaching teenagers to not drink and drive. I also had letters in California newspapers between 2007 and 2020 reminding readers to drive sober.

The 21st century made history like no other. California had disasters: companies declared bankruptcy, drought, inflation, pandemics, smash and grab robberies, supply chain shortages, wildfires, etc. People are tired of the “new normal.”

My uphill struggle brought unexpected outcomes for my work: certificates and a prestigious medal from the law enforcement. Adapt to the changes and the future will benefit you.

Lori Martin
Tracy, Calif.


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