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Stand up and Support

Have we given up? Surrendered? Ceded all our rights to the dishonest, criminals in government? Mr. Downing’s Beachcomber piece [City Manager Misleads CPCC Charter Amendment Committee] cites the complete criminal actions of these thieves who attack us every day as they hide behind their elected status.

Please show me how they differ from the smash and grab mall thieves, the high-end wristwatch grabbers who steal in broad daylight and the endless murderers who kill on the freeways and neighborhood streets.

Our civilization and humanity are being taken from us day by day and we are aiding and abetting. We are not lost. Stand up and support those armed only with the moral courage to fight for us every day.

Joe Viola

During the George Floyd protests, then former CPCC Commissioner Porter Gilberg famously said, “The CPCC is a farce.”

He was only partially right, inasmuch as the lookout for the ill-fated Titanic saw a piece of ice floating in the water. Better stated, the entire city government is a farce.

Carlos Ovalle


Trash Rates Going Up

The City of Long Beach sent out a flyer informing residents that they will be raising rates to $40/month for collecting and disposing our trash. Next year, rates will go up again to cover the costs to implement a state-mandated and voter confirmed requirement to intercept high carbon footprint wastes, like food and grass, to help reduce the uncontrollable generation of methane from our landfills.

Some residents are focusing on the percentage increase rather than the actual rates and how they compare with other cities. In my opinion, this is the wrong approach. For example, if I was paying $10 a month for trash service and the new rate was $20 per month, that would be a 100% increase. But the rest of the world pays at least $50 a month (the going rate) so I’m really saving 60%, which would be a great deal in anyone’s book.

You won’t win arguing percentages because everyone knows that they are meaningless – out of context. I’ve been involved with public officials and public policy for over 30 years. People find it easy to say: “I don’t want to pay that much!” and think that will be enough to change things. It won’t. A better position is to say: “I don’t want to pay that much, and I think a fairer rate is $XX per month and here’s why …”. The city is going to approve the rate increase because the managers put together a table showing what their projected costs were and a plan to be solvent. If you can come up with a better plan, then present it. If not, get ready to pay more.

Ted Brodeur
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Ghost Buses

Why is Long Beach Transit running so many empty buses? Sometimes they are at a stop to just to keep on time. Ghost buses are a waste of money.

Anthony Guinan


Just Vote

Were you among the 17% who voted in this last election on June 7th? If so, pat yourself on the back. If not, you can do better.

Democracy does not happen by itself. Through the many years of our nation’s existence, many brave people have died protecting your rights to vote. When you do not vote, you only serve to dishonor those people who gave their lives so that you could be free to participate in government affairs. If not for these incredible sacrifices, we would now be bowing to the Queen of England, or worse, saluting to the likes of a Hitler-established regime.

In some states and around the world, voters wait in lines of six hours or longer just to vote. You get to do so in the comfort of your home, at your convenience. Please don’t waste that.

So, when November rolls around, please vote. If a ballot contains unknowns, only vote for those you do know.

Regardless, don’t let others decide for you.

Diana Lejins


Streets of Shame

I live in Belmont Shore and the alley ways are in disasterous shape. The alley between Covina and Corona Avenues is full of potholes.

Also the power lines are an eyesore that could start a fire anytime. I think burying the power lines would serve the city well and prevent fires. Please have the city do something.

Gordon Uchiyama


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