Letters to the Editor

Gun Control

The Second Amendment was truly written when muskets were the arms of the day. [Beachcombing 5/19/23] That was the weapon of the military and was used to keep our country secure just as they had secured it.

Now, nations have better weapons but that doesn’t mean we as citizens should be running around with muskets, does it?

Many nations and their people have had their weapons confiscated and then found themselves weaponless to stop government from taking over their nation from them. Ask the Germans for one. Taking away the arms of citizens who are not criminals but merely using their weapons for their own protection and that of their families and friends is wrong. Take away the illegal arms from criminals but leave law a bidding folks to their safety, sport and likes of firearms they enjoy.

Thanks for your concern and desire to keep America and Americans safe and secure from all unlawful adversaries.

Vance Frederick


West Side Development

The only people looking forward to new commercial development on the westside [5/19/23 issue] are the (vampire) developers themselves who have been sucking the life blood of this city ever since The Little Dictator (Robert Garcia) announced that Long Beach was begging to be fleeced.

John Jones


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