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Affordable Housing

The increased density of the four proposed projects [“Overcrowded” 7/14/23 issue] will bring an untold number of increased traffic, congestion and pollution. Yet the developers and those putting up the cash to build this alleged newer, better Long Beach don’t have any interest in the environmental implications of their developments.

One can look over at Rolling Hills Estates and see homes sliding into the canyon below and spin the blame wheel. Yet no one owns up to that.

The continued over development of our city and surrounding areas in the long run is unhealthy and will only serve to add to the environmental issues presently harming all of us. While we continue to hear about housing shortages and the homeless issues, does anyone really believe that these four projects proposed are going to alleviate these problems? A developer building multiple apartments for low income residents? Not in my backyard!

How about someone within our local government stepping up to the plate and intervening rather than just rubber stamping every item that is voted on in City Council?

Just remember the story of The Emporer’s New Clothes if you need something to compare what these four projects are going to bring to the rest of us in Long Beach.

Ward Johnson


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