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Building Density

Once again, the property owners-taxpayers of California have boarded a runaway train to derailment, which is coming up around the next turn!

Brown-Pelosi-Newsom began their current scandal aided by a Long Beach state senator last January when two bills, SB8 & SB9, were introduced, voted on and signed into law by the governor.

SB8 was the controversial bill that allows homeowners throughout the state to self-zone their single-family R-1 home to a R-4, which allows the demolition of the single-family home and replacing it with a four unit apartment house. SB9 pads the deal even further by not requiring the new structure to provide off street parking for the owner or presumably three tenants. These are statewide laws that pertain to all of us.

A close friend had one of these neighbors who burned down his house to replace it with a building with six apartments. Say goodbye to any parking especially on those street sweeping days. I am still waiting for the $30,000 sweeper that Public Works bought for use on the bike paths to remove leaves and other debris.

With the proposed four high-rise apartment buildings to be constructed along Pacific Coast Highway near the pumpkin patch, one has to wonder if parking will be in the old Claim Jumper or movie theater lot. Who cares about parking? The police have to raise money somehow besides throwing crooked politicians in the slammer – if we ever see that happen anytime in the near future or not?

Ward Johnson


AI Copyright

Read your recent editorial regarding “artificial intelligence” and suddenly a question popped into my legally trained mind. Who owns the copyright? You don’t because all you did was enter the parameters and the AI wrote it. As of today, anything artificial, a legal non-entity, cannot own anything, like a copyright.


Scott Williams


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