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Fossil Fuels

Your [Sept. 8] story about the AES battery facility was interesting. But do you realize that the single Costco gas station in Cypress transfers about 2,200,000 kWh of energy into gas tanks every single day? That is five times the energy storage of the new AES system at 400,000 kWh = (400 mWh). Fossil fuels are far more energy dense than any battery known to man.

Physics and organic chemistry surpass batteries today. Aside from nuclear reactions the photons from the sun are the source of ALL energy on our earth – photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric. Does that make gasoline green? Another discussion perhaps.

Doug McConnell, MD

A [large, earth-moving machine] is required to move 500 tons of earth/ore, which will be refined into one lithium car battery. It burns 900-1000 gallons of fuel in a 12-hour shift.

Lithium is refined from ore using sulfuric acid. The proposed lithium mine at Thacker Pass, Nevada is estimated to require up to 75 semi-loads of sulfuric acid a day. The acid does not turn into unicorn food as AOC believes. Refining lithium has created several EPA superfund sites and it is very toxic to the environment.

A battery in an electric car, let’s say an average Tesla, is made of:

  • 25 pounds of lithium
  • 60 pounds of nickel
  • 44 pounds of manganese
  • 30 pounds of cobalt
  • 200 pounds of copper and
  • 400 pounds of aluminum, steel and plastic, etc. averaging 750-1,000 pounds of minerals, that had to be mined and processed into a battery that merely stores electricity.

Electricity is generated by oil, gas, coal or water (and a tiny fraction of wind and solar).

That is the truth about the lie, of “green” energy. There’s nothing green about the “Green New Deal.” People better learn how to vote or this nonsense will continue to flow down on top of you from the throne of government upon of which you put these people.

Stop drinking the Green New Deal’s sulfuric acid Kool Aid

Dr. Phillip A. Fields
University of South Alabama


Clean-Up Day

Aren’t our tax dollars supposed to be used to clean up such public places? I’ve never seen so much trash as we currently have on on-ramps/off-ramps, etc.

D.R. Clement


Enjoy the Ride

On a daily basis, I am able to see the life of a bipolar individual who refuses treatment. It’s not a fun life and the ones who suffer are family members and loved ones. I guess this is the reason why I continue to be adamant about medications and treatment. Bipolar is not a death sentence or a one-way trip to the old school sanitariums and nut houses. As much as I hate all pharmaceuticals, they are the key to stability, combined with other types of treatment.

You can’t correct an imbalance of chemicals with just psychotherapy and groups. Mental illness is a hidden illness that affects a great amount of the population. In my case, it’s never gonna go away so at this point it’s all about quality of life. Why go around miserable all the time hating everything and bringing those down around you? It’s not worth it or fair to loved ones.

What I’m trying to say is if you are struggling, don’t give up. There is always hope, and though it won’t be an easy journey, the rewards are well worth it. Life is short, we all die so why would you not want to enjoy the ride? No one gets out alive, so make the best of it because we only get one life.

Matthew R. Gilchrist


Snubbed by Mayor

I had a confirmed appointment with Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson.  On the day of the appointment, my wife and I were elevator keyed to the floor of the mayor’s office. 

Mayor Rex Richardson passed right by us and did not acknowledge us speaking to him. Shortly thereafter, Mayor Richardson told the receptionist that he “will not meet with us,” and gave no explanation.

Charles H. Parks


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