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Precision Warfare

In response to unprovoked attacks on its people, the Israelis are justified to go after those responsible. Terrorist like Hamas must be brought to justice and eradicated from the face of the earth.

When doing so, however, the Israelis must be careful to not wreak havoc on or displace innocent families. Reportedly, the Israeli airstrikes have killed over 2,300 people, wounded over 9,000 and displaced one million people.

With 169,00 active soldiers and the call up of 360,000 reservists, the Israelis can readily destroy Hamas by using precision ground warfare instead of widespread air attacks that also kills the innocent. If not, countries of the world will construe the Israeli tactics as one of revenge rather than an intent to invoke justice.

Killing and displacement of innocent civilians will only portray the Israelis in the same light as the terrorists and continue to fester the hate that now exists between Israel and its neighbors.

Matt Drozd, Lt. Colonel (ret.)


Open Sesame

Two of my daughters worked there in high school. [Page 8 food review] Very nice family and great food.

Mary Rohrer


Belmont Pool

Thank you for the info on the Belmont Pool [10/6/23]. Of course, if the city had not thrown another $28M down the rat hole called the Queen Mary, the pool could have been built. Or maybe the rat hole called LB Community Hospital.

So many wise decisions in this town.

Greg Wood



I really enjoyed your [10/6/23] column about the trip to Italy. Very funny. I also happen to be a huge fan of Orvieto. And, you are right – there’s no place like home.

Wishing you a great year!

Dorothy Kistler


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