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It has not been a year since Senate Bills 8 and 9 have passed and already we can see the difference they are making. These are the bills that allow homeowners to transfer their real estate titles from R-1 to R-4 zoning and do not require them to furnish the additional parking space needed.

Specifically, I am pointing out the sudden increase in multi-story buildings popping up throughout Long Beach and surrounding cities.

The developers are sure happy about having all this construction occurring without worrying about the additional parking. Just to make everyone happy they have even promised to add low-income housing. Having a Section Eight neighbor in your same building without parking is what this amounts to.

Then there is the price of parking violations for being parked on the wrong side of the street because at the last minute when tried to park in front of your apartment building the space is already occupied. As we see the increase of the R-4 zoning take place, the shortage of available parking continues to diminish with no end in sight.

The city has thoughtfully installed bike lanes and roundabouts to encourage bicycles and scooters as possible viable alternatives to using petroleum-based fuels. However, in many cases the bike lanes were poorly planned and have led to an increase in auto vs. bicycle accidents and an increase the number of trauma patients.

In coming months a number of these rezoned R-4 units will be popping up as interest rates fall and loans are more readily available. Very likely within the next ten years our coastline will diminish to a concrete skyline.

Thank your locally elected officials who have banded together in a majority to support the progress of the developers who are seeking to increase their wealth at the expense of the rest of us.

Ward Johnson, MPA


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