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Crime Stats

Bill Pearl is right on [Jan. 15 issue] when he makes the point that the Long Beach Crime Statistics reports are hard to read, and not separated into understandable neighborhood or council district lists. In reading the website it really is hard to see how safe or dangerous your own neighborhood it. What I have been doing is extracting only the crimes in Naples and putting them on an excel spread sheet. I will then have them available for all of our neighbors to see and VERIFY the crime numbers. Only 2 bikes stolen in Naples all of last year? I don’t think so.

Kadee Della Donna
Naples Neighborhood Watch


COVID-19 Vaccine

I just got my COVID-19 vaccination on Tuesday at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. I cannot compliment enough the efficiency, empathy and enthusiasm given to this clinical project by staff. My trepidations were readily assuaged and I was able to walk out the door in less than an hour.

Thank you Long Beach Memorial and Cal State Long Beach students for making this happen.

Diana Lejins

Is anyone else tired of seeing young elected officials jump ahead of the rest of us to get their COVID-19 shot?  As a 62-year-old retiree, I am not yet eligible to receive my shot, but 43-year-old Mayor Robert Garcia has apparently declared himself an “emergency responder” and received his shot days ago.  I suppose we need him healthy in case he has to declare an “emergency” tax increase.

John Knapp


Beachcomber Lawsuit

The discrepancies, lack of specifics and purposeful avoidances [Page 1 story] would be perfectly understandable if Long Beach were a contemporary Russian city. It may be that only a name change is called for! How did we get here?

Thanks for your ever bright spotlight Chief Downing!

Joe Viola


Pseudo Facts

I do not get how and why your lead letter inside [Jan. 15] edition is headed LBPD Super Spreader, when in fact and in truth, that letter has absolutely zero to do with LBPD super spreading at all! While letter author Trujillo does mention the LBPD briefly, his comment states clearly that LBPD (and other) police officers will still have to wear masks, even after being vaccinated against COVID-19. None of that has anything at all to do with “LBPD super spreaders”–- a very nasty but unsubstantiated accusation.

If one wants to find a local “super spreader event,” one need look no further than the atrocious roll-out of Census 2020 non-responder follow-up in Long Beach, in which the Long Beach Census Office assembled all of us census takers at a local soccer stadium on August 1, 2020, while not enforcing social distancing or proper wearing of masks. We had been promised we could remain in our vehicles, which was untrue.

The Long Beach and L.A. Census 2020 offices have never acknowledged their gross blunder – one of many risking the health and even lives of us Census 2020 staff – so that matter has now been escalated to the incoming U.S. Congress, which is expected to conduct a full Census 2020 review; I will also testify as to the flawed results of that Constitutional mandate.

We have had more than enough “pseudo facts” over the past four years of the Trump administration. We need to put a stop to false and misleading articles – and even to false and misleading headlines, including any put on letters which (in this case) have little or no bearing on the LBPD. The Beachcomber knows better and can and should do better.

Eugene Elander

[Editor Note: The letter writer is mistaken. Trujillo’s Jan. 15 letter was submitted in response to the LBPD super spreader story that ran on Dec. 18. ]


Dem Impeachers

Ole Chuckie S. and Nancy P. must be trembling in their leather congressional seats hoping they can get the swamp in Congress to keep Trump from running again.

Just how scared are they? They have lied and cheated and made up whatever they can for the last four years and are now trying to slam the door shut again as they press for this impeachment to try and keep him from running again. Why doesn’t someone ask Chuckie why he thinks it’s so important that they keep Trump from running the country again if the majority of the people want him to?

It’s not supposed to be up to a handful of slime that coalesce in the swampy Congress to make decisions on who can and can’t run for president. That’s what We the People are supposed to be about. Will somebody, anybody, tell him to sit down, shut up and keep his fears to himself.

Vance Frederick


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