Lies and Innuendo

Keith Higginbotham, Communications Director

Pursuant to California Civil Code 48a, I am writing on behalf of Congressman Alan Lowenthal to demand a retraction of comments published by you in a recent post to the Beachcomber website.

On January 2, 2020, you published a false, secondhand accusation alleging the congressman corruptly solicited a bribe. This is an outrageous accusation published despite no attempts by your publication to verify the accuracy of these statements. You further went on to impugn the ethical character of the congressman by insinuating, with no evidence, that these secondhand comments were true. They are not.

This purported discussion with the congressman, as related to you by an unnamed “gentleman,” never occurred. The congressman takes his ethical responsibility to his constituents, to his oath of office, and to the law, very seriously. He has never, nor would ever, engage in such a conversation or make such a request.

Congressman Lowenthal is an ardent defender of freedom of the press. But irresponsible, patently false journalism and the spreading of lies and innuendo offend the very freedom that we all cherish and defend.

In addition to the immediate removal of the material regarding Congressman Lowenthal in your Beachcombing column published on the Beachcomber website on January 2, 2020, we demand that you prominently publish a full retraction and apology in the next print and online issue of the Beachcomber.

[Editor Note: See Beachcombing – Part 1 column for the response.]


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