Long Beach Treasures: Winners, Contest Rules

Agnes Knight, Jack Finley and Kathleen Pozgay correctly identified the location of our March 30 treasure – the roundabout in Douglas Park, near Lakewood and Carson – and were awarded prizes.

George Bammer, Kevin Bredenkamp, Caroline Chihak, Mary Dudley, June Desfor, Thomas Duffy, Shirley Dunyon, Christine Elia, Pat Fleischer, Annette Fruehan, Richard Getten, Jeffery Glassman, Marylene Guevara, Connie Guss, Shirley Hansen, Pam Haspell, Karen Kearney, Masoud Khoshbakhtian, Madison Klein, Ray Kula, Karen Laurence, Greg Mcentire, Richard Mclean, Fritz Milas, Jack Miller, Michele Mukanos, Julie Niemeyer, Bill Peyton, Susan Quint, Barbara Saposnek, Darlene Steel, Lauren Snook, Rodney Swayne, E. Trapp, Mary Vitale and Dennis T. Yorimoto also correctly identified the treasure and were entered in the drawing.

If you correctly identify the location of where the photo was taken on page one of this edition, your entry will be among those entered in a drawing to receive tickets or a gift certificate from CSULB Athletics, the Aquarium of the Pacific, J&L Jewelry or other contest sponsors. Winners will receive their prize by mail within one week of the current issue date.

To be eligible, print your name, address and phone number on a letter-size (8.5” x 11”) piece of paper, along with your guess. Mail to: Long Beach Treasures, c/o Beachcomber, P.O. Box 15679, Long Beach, CA 90815-0679, or email contests@beachcomber.news (subject line: Long Beach Treasures) – (email addresses may be added to our “breaking news” database) or fax to (562) 597-9410.

One entry per household; it must be received within 10 days of the photo’s publish date. We’ll announce the names of all correct entries and the contest winners in our next issue.

To become a Beachcomber contest sponsor, provide us with 12 gift certificates or gift cards with a minimum value of $25 each. Sponsors who also run a minimum of six display advertisements throughout the year will have their organization’s logo displayed on page one of every issue. Call us for additional details: (562) 597-8000.



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